01. 12. 2004 - New Version!
New Release v0.6.5.215!

- added some window-informations
window properties
- added some process-informations
service list
- hot-key-support for window-finder-tool
- fixed several bugs and memory-leaks
- changed/added some minor details

02. 11. 2004 - New Version!
New Release v0.6.5.198!

- just some little bugfixes

09. 09. 2004 - Neue Version!
New Release v0.6.5.194!

- Service-List implemented
- ServiceInfo-Window implemented
- ThreadInfo-Window implemented
- ModuleInfo-Window implemented
- added some window-informations
class infos
- added some process-informations
security infos
- desktop-icon-positions can now be saved (for docking)
- fixed several bugs and memory-leaks
- changed/added some minor details

28. 05. 2004 - New Version!
New Release v0.5.4.168!

- optimized search-algorithms
- FindWindow-Code-Generator creates FindWindow-Code for any window (in Delphi or C/C++)
- added some window-informations
child window
parent window
- added some process-informations
memory infos
security infos (not finished yet
- fixed several bugs and memory-leaks
- changed/added some minor details

03. 04. 2004 - New Version!
New Release v0.5.4.145!

finally there is a new version! But unfortunately I have bad news for Win9x/ME-user: due to simpler access and future-oriented development I decided to switch to WMI. For this reason I had to give upt the Win9x/ME-support.
-all icons redesigned
-some parts completely revised
-added several process-informations
-ProcessInfo-window implemented
-now using WMI
-some minor bug-fixes

11. 11. 2003 - Small Bug-Fix
A small bug-fix for the filter-system.

08. 11. 2003 - New Version
New Release v0.5.3.113!

finally here - the new official release!
The latest version continues the concept of the prior pre-release, however the amount of features almost matches those of the last official version (including some additional things).
-Modul-List implemented
-added some window-infos
-trees can be searched
-trees can be filtered
-the finder-tool can be integrated into the main-window
-in the finder-tool you can search directly for classnames and/or window-titels
-the program can be minimized to the SysTray
-additional informations in the statusbar
-and some minor details and bug-fixes

14. 08. 2003 - New Version
New Pre-Release v0.5.3.71!

probably the last Pre-Relase before the next official Version!
-Thread-List implemented
-Process-List implemented
-Window-Finder Tool implemented
-Trees can now be sorted
I will release the next official version as soon es i have implemented the Module-List and the Tree-Search-Function!

19. 06. 2003 - New Version
New Pre-Release v0.5.3.48!

Fixed several bugs from the last Pre-Release!

16. 06. 2003 - New Version (Pre-Release)
Today I've uploaded the new Pre-Release of the next official Version. This is just a Test-Version with very limited functions. At the moment there is only the Window-List available. The whole list-principle and the Thread-Modelling were completely new designed (80% of the code were rewritten).

This Pre-Release is just temporary and only for testing (bugreports, remarks, wishes etc. please send to bugs@x-spy.net). The last official version is still available for download!

17. 04. 2003 - New Version
Cause the last version is now more than 3 month old here comes the new release with the versionnumber v0.4.2.37! The changes:
- project portated from D5 Std. to D6 Prof.
- Search-Windows are no longer Child-Windows of the List-Windows
- now supports 2 parameters
"-reset" :
sets all properties to the default values
"-config" :
shows the properties-dialog at startup
- X-Spy Style implemented (all Windows now have the X-Spy style)
- MainForm can now be floating
- added some process-informations
Security-Infos (not finished yet)
- fixed some bugs
I'm sorry that I couldn't implement as much features as I planned to, but these features will follow with the next release!

10. 02. 2003 - Announcement
Though it's been more than a month since I released the last version of X-Spy, it's still moving on ! In the meantime I altered and added a lot. Sure the next release will take it's time, but you can prepare for quite a few astonishments.

Furtherman there is now a newsletter, enrolled you will be kept up-to-date about all important events, eg. new releases, relevant alterations, etc. !

23. 12. 2002 - New Version
Today I've uploaded the new version v0.3.7.161! The most important changes:
- fixed some bugs
- process-informations partly implemented

10. 12. 2002 - Board
Since today the board is official available! :o)

05. 12. 2002 - new Site + new Domain
Since today, the X-Spy project has a new homepage! The new site is divided into different parts and in the next days, a forum will follow, in which you can post criticism, questions and suggestions. In addition to that, there's the domain www.x-spy.net I registered some days ago - another possibility to reach the site.

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